Tracking Pregnancy: Fetal Development from Week to Week

tracking pregnancy

Tracking pregnancy is the fun part of being pregnant—along with the shopping and other fine points of getting ready for baby to arrive.  Tracking baby helps take your mind off of what’s happening to your body, as well as helping you stop focusing on the pregnancy symptoms that are causing you so many problems.

Tracking Pregnancy: First Trimester

Pregnancy is based on 40 weeks, although babies may often arrive as early as 36 weeks or as late as 41 weeks with little or no problems.

The first trimester of pregnancy is marked by:

  • The development of the amniotic sac around the embryo, as well as the placenta
  • The baby’s face starts to form, including facial features.
  • Your baby is a fetus by the end of the second month.
  • At the end of the third month, the baby is fully formed, but still tiny—about three or four inches long.
  • Baby weighs about one ounce going into the second trimester.

Tracking Pregnancy: Second Trimester

The second trimester is more pleasant than the first usually because some of the more harsh symptoms like morning sickness will abate.  If you’re going to enjoy being pregnant, this is the time you’ll do it.

During the second trimester,

  • Baby’s intestines start to move into place
  • The baby’s gender becomes apparent.
  • Bones start to develop.
  • Facial expressions begin.
  • Baby begins to store fat under its skin.
  • The baby begins to be able to hear, so this is the time to start playing music to your little one, especially in or after week 18 of your pregnancy.

Tracking Pregnancy: Third Trimester

The third trimester results in feeling uncomfortable because by this point, you are simply much larger than you were before you became pregnant.  During this trimester, your breasts get even larger, and you may experience Braxton Hicks contracts as well as major backaches.  During this trimester,

  • Your baby’s eyes open for the first time.
  • The bones finish developing.
  • Your baby actually starts practicing breathing and can see light.

Best Websites for Tracking Pregnancy

There are many wonderful pregnancy tracking websites that help you keep track of everything and know exactly where you stand on any given day.

Some of the best sites to help you keep track of pregnancy are:

  • Babycenter: This site has a personalized method for tracking pregnancy by allowing you to put in the first date of your last period.  It then calculates how far you are along.
  • ParentsConnect: This site will allow you to look at each individual pregnancy week and view 2D and 3D illustrations to help tracking baby.
  • PregnancyDaily: This site also allows you to customize your pregnancy calendar with your due date.  It allows you to enter in your due date or your date of your last menstrual period.

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