The Tupler Technique: Exercises and Videos to Prepare for Childbirth

 tupler technique

It’s no secret that pregnancy takes a toll on a woman’s body, but learning the Tupler Technique before and during pregnancy can make a big impact on your condition after the baby arrives.

What is the Tupler Technique?

The Tupler Technique was developed by Julie Tupler, RN, a nurse and childbirth educator.  The Tupler Technique is used to treat a condition called diastasis recti, which is the separation of abdominal muscles and weakening of connective tissue, often due to pressure on the abdominal wall caused by pregnancy.  Tupler technique exercises teach you how to strengthen your body to either prevent or repair the condition of diastasis recti.  Tupler technique videos can instruct you in how to perform these exercises properly. The Tupler technique also teaches you how to push effectively in order to get the baby out as quickly as possible while also protecting the abdominal muscles from any further damage.  Tupler technique products specifically aimed at pregnant women include:

  • Perfect Pushing DVD
  • Rehab Splint
  • Tupler Technique Guidebook
  • Coming Contractions pain management CD
  • Maternal Fitness book
  • Lose Your Mummy Tummy book

How Does the Tupler Technique Work?

The Tupler Technique is a combination of education and exercise.  It focuses on strengthening the transversus abdominus, or transverse, which is the innermost muscle in the layers of the abdomen.  The exercises isolate the transverse, which also strengthens your back and flattens your tummy.  Some of the exercises recommended are:

  • elevators
  • contractions
  • standing pelvic tilts
  • head lifts
  • leg slides
  • low back stretch

The best way to learn to do these exercises properly is to view the Tupler Technique DVDs.

There are simple steps you can take in your daily activities after your baby is born to protect your body and ease recovery.  While you’re feeding the baby, sit in a chair that supports your back, and use a pillow to support the baby so you’re not leaning over.  Make sure that your changing table is waist high so that you don’t have to bend for diaper changes. When picking your baby up, bend slightly at the knees and bring the baby gently to your shoulder.  If you have to get down on the floor, get up carefully.  Get onto one knee, and lift the baby to your thigh, then your shoulder.  Place your other hand on your thigh to support you while you finish standing up.

Tupler Technique Reviews

Reviews of the Tupler Technique indicate that the program is a great combination of exercise and education, which together make for a more comfortable pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum recovery.  Users say that the technique prepared them both mentally and physically for labor.

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