Pregnancy Photo Ideas, Poses and Belly Photography: Cherished Memories

Pregnancy Photo Ideas

Even if you’re not showing yet, now is the perfect time to think of some pregnancy photo ideas. Take a great maternity photo with these poses and unique ideas.

Getting some pregnancy photo ideas early will help keep you from scrambling at the end of a time you never thought would go so fast.  Even though by your ninth month, you may feel that you have the pregnancy that will never end, being pregnant is a unique life experience that lasts fleetingly over the broad course of our lives.

While some of the experiences are remarkably memorable, such as holding your baby for the first time, having strange cravings, enduring labor, and remembering particular smell triggers for your morning sickness, we can forgot a lot about our pregnancies. Compiling a group of pregnancy photos is one way of celebrating and tracking your pregnancy.

Pregnancy photo ideas can include:

  • Pregnancy belly photography
  • Maternity portraits and photo shoots
  • Pregnancy photo scrapbooks

Pregnancy Photo Ideas for the Belly

This has been a popular favorite in documenting and memorializing your pregnancy. It is a series of pictures taken of your stomach as your pregnancy develops. It is your choice whether to document your body’s changes on a weekly, monthly or even per trimester basis.

What is important is that to truly have a photo series that shows the evolution of the pregnancy, you must remember these three points:

  1. Stand sideways for the optimal view
  2. Make sure to take the picture from the same angle and distance (and lighting, if possible)
  3. Always stand with the same background

Portraits and Photo Shoots for Pregnancy Photo Ideas

If you choose not to track your pregnancy growth and change at home, you might opt for a professional portrait or photo shoot. How often you choose to take your photos are your choice and portraits and photo shoots can be single shots or a series of pictures over time. Professional sessions can be staged, however, there is a trend for many photographers to offer real time shots, where they capture the subject in an unstaged moment. While belly photographs focus only on the mother, portraits and photo shoots can easily incorporate other members of the family.

Pregnancy Photo Ideas: Scrapbooks

Scrapbooks are way to collate and collect all of your pregnancy photographs into a single repository. They present your photographs in a create manner, and allow you to group and show photos by theme. Pregnancy scrapbooks can not only contain photos like belly shots, sonogram and ultrasound pictures; they can feature any related pregnancy items.

Some ideas for great things to include in your scrapbook are elements from your baby shower, like:

  • Napkins
  • Cards
  • Photographs
  • Your pregnancy announcement
  • Email or written well wishes from loved ones
  • Memorable clipart

The greatest asset of a pregnancy scrapbook is that it offers you a fully personalized way to remember your pregnancy. It can also be created as a memento for any expectant mother and is a great surprise gift that she will cherish.

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