10 Immediate Signs of Pregnancy after Conception: The First Signs

Immediate Signs of Pregnancy

Knowing the immediate signs of pregnancy will indicate when to take a pregnancy test. Although there are no definite signs of pregnancy, these are a good start.

Pregnancy tests have come a long way in the last generation, but knowing immediate signs of pregnancy can help you know when you need to take one.  When our mothers conceived, they had to wait an entire month after they missed a period before a pregnancy test could give them an accurate result.

Today an over the counter pregnancy test can confirm pregnancy as early as a few days before a woman misses her period.  Often we recognize some symptoms of pregnancy before ever missing a period.  If you suspect that you might be pregnant, here are some of the earliest signs of pregnancy to watch for.

10 Immediate Signs of Pregnancy

There are some symptoms that you may begin to notice very early on.  Some of the most common first signs of pregnancy are:

  1. breast pain and tenderness;
  2. bloating and cramping;
  3. spotting;
  4. feeling tired;
  5. queasiness;
  6. frequent urination;
  7. constipation;
  8. headaches;
  9. food cravings;
  10. feeling moody or irritable.

Some of earliest signs of pregnancy are also common premenstrual symptoms, so keep a close watch to see if these signs are different than what you typically experience each month or if you experience more of these symptoms than you normally do with PMS.

First Signs and Immediate Signs of Pregnancy

You may be surprised at how quickly after conception you begin to see the first signs of pregnancy.

Many women experience some queasiness very early on.  Morning sickness is a misnomer – the feeling can strike at any time of the day.  Early in pregnancy, it may appear in a milder version.

It often presents as an unusual bout of motion sickness or an unsettled feeling in the stomach.  Most women will experience some morning sickness during the first trimester.

Early pregnancy is infamous for causing exhaustion.  While you might not even know that you’re pregnant yet, your baby is already using up the calories you’re taking in and leaving you feeling wiped out.

You may find yourself nodding off while sitting at your desk in the afternoon or passing out on the couch early in the evening.  If you experience a sense of fatigue that is like nothing you’ve ever felt before, it may be due to pregnancy.

Spotting is another common early sign of pregnancy.  If your period seems different than usual—shorter or lighter—it may not be a period at all.  You might actually be spotting because you are pregnant.

Unusual and Immediate Signs of Pregnancy

In addition to the typical signs of pregnancy like fatigue and queasiness, there are some lesser known, unusual signs that may be early indicators of pregnancy.  The sudden hormonal changes in a woman’s body can lead to a host of strange symptoms, including:

  • difficulty sleeping;
  • strange dreams;
  • diarrhea;
  • back, hip, or leg pain;
  • hot flashes;
  • chills;
  • sinus congestion;
  • feeling weak, dizzy or lightheaded; and
  • a metallic taste in the mouth.

While unusual, these symptoms have been reported by many women.  You may find that you experience a few of them as well.


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