The Normal Fetal Heart Rate at 6 Weeks: A Healthy Baby’s Heartbeat

fetal heart rate at 6 weeks

The normal fetal heart rate at 6 weeks should fall within a particular range. Knowing what to expect before the doctor visit will keep you calm during the test.

As an expecting mother, sometimes there are questions that you want to ask, like what your child’s fetal heart rate at 6 weeks should be when you visit the doctor. However, sometimes going to the doctor can become a bit overwhelming and you may forget to ask those important questions.

So if you are still wondering about normal fetal heart rates, here is a brief guide that will help explain it.

Fetal Heart Rate at 6 Weeks

The normal fetal heart rate at 6 weeks should be between 120-160 beats per minute according to the standards set forth by today’s medical personal.

Sometimes fetal heart rates vary in different individual babies due to a number of different circumstances:

  • If a fetus is smaller in size or sleeping during a mother’s exam, his or her heart rate might be a bit on the slower side.
  • If the mother is excited during the exam, that number may actually increase.

Fetal Heart Rate at 7 Weeks

Just like with the fetal heart rate at 6 weeks, there is also a normal range for a fetus’ heart rate at 7 weeks.  That range is anywhere from 110-180 beats per minute, yet doctors really would like to see the rate be around 130or140 beats per minute.

Again, just like with the fetal heartbeat 6 weeks rate, it could also vary at the seven week mark because of different circumstances, as well such as the stress the mother may be put under or even the time of day.

Fetal Heart Rate at 8 Weeks

At the 8 week mark, the heart rate range for a fetus is pretty similar to the 7 week mark, along with the fetal heart rate at 6 weeks, as it should be between 110-180 beats per minute. Ideally, doctors would like the fetus to hit the higher of this range, yet if your baby’s rate is not up there, do not worry since it is still with the accepted range.

Most doctors will only become alarmed about a low fetal heart rate when it is combined with some other issues that you may be experiencing with your pregnancy. For instance, maybe the fetus is not moving as much as it should or it has been detected that he or she could have a birth defect. Do not be alarmed though due to the fact that if these issues are going on, it is something that your doctor will hopefully be able to detect.

Ultimately, if you are an expecting mother and have questions about your child, whether they be in relation to what a normal fetal heart rate at 6 weeks should be or if your child is developing correctly, then ask your doctor those questions or do some research to find the answers you need. By getting the answers you need, you will receive peace of mind about the situation knowing that your child is growing to be strong and healthy.

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