Using a Baby Calculator Week by Week: Your Pregnancy This Week

baby calculator week by week

A baby calculator week by week is a great way to keep track of your pregnancy. Learn how to chart your due date by weeks and track fetal development.

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Doula, Obstetrician, or Midwife School: What’s the Difference?

midwife school

Midwife school is a great way to serve women who are having babies, but there are also other options, like doula school, and obstetrician school.

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Conception Calculator Based on Due Date: Conception, Gestation & More

conception calculator based on due date

Using a conception calculator based on due date is not as hard as it sounds. Learn how to do the math to figure out the pink or blue due date & conception date.

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The Trimester Calculator: Pregnancy Week by Week for New Mothers

trimester calculator

A trimester calculator is a great tool to explain the term of pregnancy to new mothers. Your body is changing rapidly, so a trimester chart will explain it all.

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33 Weeks Pregnant: Fetal Development, Movement, and Other Excitement

33 weeks pregnant fetal development

At 33 weeks pregnant, fetal development is advanced, and movement is more pronounced. Due to sleeping problems, you’ll likely be exhausted.

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Pregnancy Milestones: Knowing What to Expect

pregnancy milestones

Pregnancy is a magical time full of special moments, and first time moms want to mark all of the pregnancy milestones along the way.

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A Layette Checklist: Expert Advice for New Moms about Baby’s Wardrobe

layette checklist

Before you hit the stores to shop for those cute little baby shoes, look over a layette checklist to find out what you REALLY need. Take it from a mom expert!

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Doula Salary, Career, and Training: What to Expect When Hiring a Doula

doula salary

Many women are wondering about what a doula’s salary looks like because they are looking for a more natural childbirth. Details on doula cost, training and more.

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